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16 threads 29 posts Current Clan News (wip)
by Owl
Dec 15, 2019 12:48:40 GMT -5
Announcements & Contests, Clan Information
Have a question or need help with anything? Post here and the staff will answer! This is also the place to go if you need a thread moved or archived.
5 threads 9 posts Discord help, please!
by intrique
Jul 11, 2021 15:47:46 GMT -5
The Shop
Here's where you buy stuff with that cash you've earned!

You earn $10 per new thread and $5 per new reply in roleplay boards only. If you write a roleplay post that is over 500 words you also get $5 extra. You get a $500 bonus when you reach certain post counts.
21 threads 44 posts The Shop
by Owl
Jul 7, 2019 12:18:36 GMT -5
Money Transfers, Processed Transactions
Old characters, threads, and anything that's out of date or not used any longer. Threads will be locked upon moving.
8 threads 47 posts
Old Site Stuff, Character Archives, RP Thread Archives, Other


Roleplay Testing
Need a place to test out a character that hasn't been approved yet? Want to try out an AU for fun? Do so here! Everybody, including guests, are welcome to roleplay here, and nothing that happens here can be considered canon.

what happens in testing stays in testing.
12 threads 42 posts Health Fitness Concern
by johnburris123
Oct 5, 2021 9:31:06 GMT -5
Pending Characters
Remember to read the rules and the info on the clan you're making a character in before diving into creating one!
Moderator: Application Checker
46 threads 56 posts Honeypaw | Female | Glenclan | Willow Family
by beck :)
Sept 8, 2021 16:00:37 GMT -5
WIP Characters, Completed Characters
Approved Characters
Characters that have been checked and accepted. Applications will be locked upon approval.
Moderator: Application Checker
104 threads 330 posts batpaw - male - chasmclan - hunter
by captain
Apr 29, 2020 13:49:25 GMT -5
ChasmClan, DuneClan, GlenClan, Outsiders, Deceased
Ready to start planning some plots with your characters? Make a plotter or a plot ad here.
22 threads 90 posts bat's cavern
by batibat
May 1, 2020 14:39:52 GMT -5
Want to make a thread to keep track of your characters, threads, templates, or anything of the like? Do so here!

An item that gives you your own Tracking Board may be bought in the store if you want a separate place to keep your stuff organized.
36 threads 188 posts
Personal Trackers
Have a cat that needs to have their family played? Post them in an adoption thread here.
Guests may claim an adopt, but it is preferred that you already have an account made.
21 threads 97 posts MaryCrow's ChasmClan kitten
by raven
May 1, 2020 22:53:14 GMT -5


Litter Requesting
Are your cats ready for a litter? Ask for one to be rolled by the staff here.
3 threads 3 posts defects dictionary
by Owl
Mar 21, 2020 12:33:24 GMT -5
Litter Request Archives
Litter Adoption
Ready to adopt out the litter we rolled for you? Do it here!
NOTE: It is recommended that new members do not adopt a litter kit without having another character first, as it is likely you will want to get into rp as soon as possible and kittens have a wait time to be born.
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Litter Adopt Archives


ChasmClan Announcements
This is where ceremonies will he held, clan meetings will happen, and announcements will be made.
2 threads 8 posts ChasmClan Gem Event Signups [open]
by atinycatra
Mar 14, 2020 21:05:33 GMT -5
CC Clanwide Roleplay
ChasmClan Camp
Commonly referred to as the Grand Cavern, this is the heart of ChasmClan territory and where the cats reside.
10 threads 45 posts A nighttime fright
by stream
May 1, 2020 0:31:42 GMT -5
Entrance Chamber and Tunnel, Grand Cavern, Sleeping Ledges, Mossy Pools, Council Chamber
ChasmClan Territory
Years and years ago, this territory was a mineshaft made by humans going deep into the mountains. Outside the caverns there is a sparse mountain range, though most cats choose to stay in the shelter of their dark and twisting caves.
18 threads 63 posts Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained [p]
by Deleted
Apr 26, 2020 19:05:19 GMT -5
The Crystal Caves, Abandoned Mineshafts, Winding Tunnels, Bat Cave, Underground Lake, Deep River, Outside


DuneClan Announcements
This is where ceremonies will he held, clan meetings will happen, and announcements will be made.
3 threads 21 posts Seasonly Migration - Foreboding
by captain
Apr 9, 2020 15:33:55 GMT -5
DC Clanwide Roleplay
DuneClan's Sunshine Oasis Camp
The smaller of DuneClan's permanent camps, it is located at the bottom of a plateau and next to a pair of deeper oases, known as the sun and the star oases. This is where the clan stays during the hottest season of the year, as the cliffs above offer shade for half of the day.
1 thread 2 posts Dingo and the Puppy(Private)
by Hati
Apr 23, 2020 9:01:35 GMT -5
Sun Oasis, Star Oasis, Leaders Den, Medicine Den, Walker Den, Nursery, Cursed Den
DuneClan's Moonlight Oasis Camp
The second of DuneClan's permanent camps, this is where the clan stays during the coolest months of the year. It is located near a large and lush but shallow oasis with numerous acacia and gum trees, a spattering of palm trees, and a fair amount of ground plant cover. The oasis tends to dry up in hotter months, and that is when the cats move to their other camp.
9 threads 37 posts No Beauty Sleep [OPEN]
by Demonic
Mar 31, 2020 16:20:32 GMT -5
The Moon Oasis, Leaders Den, Medicine Den, Nightwalker Den, Daywalker Den, Nursery, Cursed Den
DuneClan Territory
A sprawling desert that is perhaps the largest territory, but the most barren. Rare pockets of green around bodies of water break up the sand, with DuneClan's camp being around the largest one.
21 threads 80 posts Beneath a Warrior's Gaze [Tagged]
by Hati
May 11, 2020 15:29:15 GMT -5
DuneClan's Scattered Camps, Open Desert, Rodent Burrows, Shady Stones, Cactus Forest, Shrubland


GlenClan Announcements
This is where ceremonies will he held, clan meetings will happen, and announcements will be made.
2 threads 8 posts GlenClan Herb Event Signups [CLOSED]
by albany
Mar 20, 2020 11:26:58 GMT -5
GC Clanwide Roleplay
GlenClan Camp
The camp is protected by steep stone walls on three sides, leaving the last open. Generations ago the cats grew brambles there and tended it into the thorny tunnel it is now. A narrow stream cuts through the middle, fed by a small waterfall. The leader makes announcements from in front of their den, which is high up on the rocky sides of camp.
24 threads 89 posts It's too late to go outside (tagged)
by soft
Apr 26, 2020 19:02:11 GMT -5
Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Apprentice's Den, Nursery, Elder's Den
GlenClan Territory
A dense old-growth forest that is the smallest and southernmost territory. It has plentiful prey of the three territories.
18 threads 80 posts bark and claws [tagged]
by Deleted
May 4, 2020 9:17:34 GMT -5
Gnarled Forest, Log Den, Cotton Meadow, Wide Stream, Twisted Trees, Willow Groves, Weeping Grotto


The In-Betweens
The spaces between the clan's territories where some cats may travel. They must be careful not to run into any of the clan cats.
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The Wildwood
The Wildwood is the woodsy area outside of GlenClan territory, where sometimes loners and rogues can be found. It is almost as lush and green as the clan's woods, but much more... unpredictable.
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Out of Character Discussion
You can talk about anything OOC here.
11 threads 72 posts Is this site dead?
by bern
Apr 28, 2021 3:05:53 GMT -5
Hi's and Bye's, Art and Writing
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